which is new element in html5

Following are great features introduced in HTML5. Which of the following is not form controls elements in HTML5? New Doctype. Use element for 2D drawing. Here’s what the spec says about

:. Forms 2.0 − Improvements to HTML web forms where new attributes have been introduced for tag. View:-423 Question Posted on 29 Mar 2019 Whats new HTML5 DocType and Charset?
– This provides details about an element. I love trying new things around CSS3 and HTML5. But HTML5 web forms still have more to offer us! A. url B. It can also be the destination for streamed media, using a MediaStream. I'm a web designer, living in Indonesia. In this article, we’ll do our best to answer that question. It may contain one or more audio sources, represented using the src attribute or the element: the browser will choose the most suitable one. There are many other great features in the HTML5, here I just give the overview of these 5 new features. The Canvas Element. HTML5 comes with a number of new elements and eliminates several others. Users will see a drop-down list of pre-defined options as they input data. HTML5 new attribute, new element. C. Use